About Us

A small agency with a big bag of tools.

You need help attracting, engaging, and converting your audience. We are a multi-talented agency of digital experts that specialize in that sort of thing.

Why We Do It.

Technology can impact lives and affect real, positive change in the world, and we believe we're in this business to do just that. We help people by giving them the solutions they need so they can get back to business and make their mark in the world. We are a full-service digital marketing & development agency headquartered near Seattle, with an office in Minneapolis. We aim to make a difference by helping others succeed at what they do best by offering our services in inbound marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc.), web and mobile development, and content strategy & creation.

The Right Solutions.

As specialists in our industry, we recognize every organization's uniqueness, and so every step of our client process is finely-tuned to serve you best. Our team consists of industry experts who have worked with all types of organizations, from startups and small-to-medium businesses, to nonprofit organization. With the vast experience we collectively possess, we've got the perfect match to provide you with the right solutions.

A Holistic Approach.

Whether it's your website, your mobile app, your social media accounts, or your brand identity — they're all part of a constantly evolving machine. Every aspect of your business is a spinning gear, and if those gears don't align properly they can quickly break down. To ensure your entire machine runs optimally, we take a holistic approach to everything about how your company works. We don't just focus on one area of your online presence and disregard the rest, we look from the inside out and develop a plan that caters not only to what you want, but what you need. Everything is evaluated. Everything is tested and measured. Everything is optimized.

How It's Done.

Our 3-step process keeps everything simple while maintaining consistency across your entire digital domain.

1 Strategy

The first step is to find out what your goals and objectives are, what you’ve done in the past, what you're currently doing, and what you’d like in the future. Planning is crucial in this step, as it’s the foundation of the entire project.

2 Development

Next, we take what we’ve learned and discussed to build a solution, applying current standards and best practices, and utilizing both strategic and tactical initiatives to ensure that your project will be successful the moment it goes live.

3 Growth

Most agencies are done at the end of the development cycle, but we stick around for the fun stuff, like increasing your bottom line through testing and analysis. For maximum growth we measure and optimize everything.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

The Principals

Jon Delmendo

Jon Delmendo - Principal at Red Leaf Interactive

For nearly two decades, Jon has been an active producer of digital content and a vocal evangelist for a holistic approach to web marketing, design, and development. With expertise ranging from developing eCommerce & CMS platforms from the ground up to designing a multivariate test engine, Jon brings an extensive array of strategic insight & tactical experience, and is recognized by his peers as a leader in digital strategy.

When not debugging code or working into the wee hours of the night, Jon enjoys cooking his own mélange of Asian-inspired foods, hiking in the Olympic National Park, and taking road trips with his wife and 3 children. He’s also a lifelong multi-instrumental musician, a fantastic ping-pong player, and a fledgling screenwriter.

John Visser

John Visser - Principal at Red Leaf Interactive

Throughout John's 20-year career of planning and building websites, he has cultivated a reputation for being a reliable, approachable professional and a tenacious problem solver. He has a keen interest in how people use web technologies and enjoys getting involved in innovative ventures that can help improve people's lives and their communities.

When he isn't working in his slippers, he is laughing with family and friends, strumming a ukulele, singing his heart out, taking pictures, enjoying nature, scribbling words, or home roasting coffee. He also has interests in travel, psychology, architecture, and forensic anthropology.